Who is responsible for students’ success? The teacher, the parent or the student?

State your own view and, as usual, comment on the opinions of at least two of your colleagues.



  1. Hannah Jagroop says:

    Our homes are the foundation of learning. If a child washes the dishes without breaking any, it is considered a success. Who taught that child to wash the dishes? Definitely his/her parents. It is the parent who gets the first opportunity to teach the children.

    Teachers are the ones providing materials and appropriate methods to facilitate learning. They take their time to plan lessons to facilitate the various learning styles of individuals. They work very diligently to deliver the concept of a lesson to the students so they can be involved in problem solving activities. Once the concept has been delivered and understood by the students, they can now apply it to real-life situation. Hence, learning has taken place.

    A teacher can only play a part, it is the students duty to practice the concept and develop an interest towards what he/she is doing. The child first has to be intrinsically motivated and is expected to work cooperatively with his/her teacher.

    Hence, I am in support of all three agents. The parents, the teachers and the students are all responsible for the students’ success.

    • Kholekha says:

      Good points, Hannah. Each party has his role to play. Parents have to be supportive and display interest in what the child is doing.

    • Pramwattie Bajnauth says:

      i am agreeing with what you have posted.all three parties have to work collaboratively to ensure the students are successful.

    • Gabriela Agard says:

      true it is the parents who are the childs first teachers ,plus that its why i think that the P.T.A is such a important body it allows for cross communication between the parents and the teachers with the aim of helping students

    • I agree with Hannah. Each party plays a role in gearing a child towards success since students have to be eager and motivated to learn and ofcourse this wouldtake place with parents and teachers performing their roles as well therefore im in agreement with Hannah, the parents teachers and the students are responsible for students’ success.

    • cheryl says:

      I certainly agree with the view that all three parties have their role to play in a student’s success.

      Firstly we must acknowledge that each has their own exclusive resourses which they bring to the table and must be willing to employ in order to achieve success. The student must give of his time and effort to pay attention in lessons, participate in class activities and to study and complete assignments and homework activities. On his part he must be motivated to learn.

      The parent plays a supportive role by providing resourses;computers,textbooks,materials,finance etc. as it is needed and in showing an active interest in their child’s educational pursuits. Simply by turning up at a science fair or other such event in which their child is participating, parents offer invaluable affective support to students.

      Teachers bring their trainig in teaching and learning styles and methods to the table.Their knowledge of the required curriculum as well as their particular expertise in creating a conducive learning environment to engage and inspire learners to their full potential.

  2. I think that the choice of the parent, teacher and the student is similar in being responsible for a student’s success but while children cannot choose their parents, they all go to school and since the teacher has chosen the career, ultimately the biggest responsibility of making a child learn would be the teachers.

    Sometimes we all believe that the ball is mainly in the student’s court… we all want to point fingers when being held “accountable” but in the end we all know that in our hearts of hearts that “every time a student fails so does a teacher”. If a teacher presents a lesson that the student is not learning, he/she is teaching, one may ask the question, “is the teacher teaching”. If the student is not ready to learn then the lesson will not be absorbed but sometimes we have to dig deeper into other areas and look for social, emotional or underlying reasons and in doing so we would be tending to “wholechild” which would make us true educators.

    Teaching is not just a “job” its a great responsibility to mould children into future citizens of the world and that’s where the parents come in because in a perfect world, the teacher would worry about the academic content, the parents about the rest and the student would eagerly do what is needed to thrive and all would get along and be happy.

    The future depends on our children and so parents and teachers should regard all children as their children and should do their best in being responsible in making their students successful since they, the parents and teachers are the ones with the experiences and they are in charge and even though they might not be able to change all the obstacles that their children/students may face, they can at least try to change how they face the obstacles.

    Our childrens’ success can only be attained if the parents and teachers as well as the students work hand-in-hand towards achieving success. Its like a three-legged stool. If you only have one or two legs, the stool isn’t going to be upright.

    We should acknowledge that we are all in this together, that our job is never done, that we can always do better and we must be the beginning of the change or the improvement and even if others are not doing it, we shouldn’t find faults but remedies rather.

    Hence the parents, the teachers and the students are all responsible for the students success.

    • Gabriela Agard says:

      I think at times it reall is the students responsibility .The ball is in the students court at times ,simply because the parents and teachers can want so much for the students but if they dont have that need to gain education they, the parents and teachers will only strive in vain

      • Pramwattie Bajnauth says:

        indeed our students can only do so much on their own.we as teacher need to ensure that they reach their full potential. also,parents are truely the first teachers and are vital to their child’s success.

      • Kholekha says:

        Excellent point, Gabriella. Remember constructivism, u have to do the learning, we can only provide the optimum conditions

      • Hannah Jagroop says:

        True Gabriela. If the students don’t participate with the teacher or parent, then their efforts placed in terms of the child learning will go in vain. The students need to first be intrinsically motivated before the parents or teachers can have their cooperation. Hence, the parents and teachers needs to make interesting activities available in order to motivate these students.

    • Colice says:

      Very well said cherrie. Couldn’t agree more.

  3. Kholekha says:

    Cherrie, u really gave a lot of thought to this response. Your comments are very insightful.

  4. Gabriela Agard says:

    A students sucess is a three fold developmental process,the child firstly needs to understand the value of education,this motivation should come from the home.the motivation should not stop at verbal encouragement,but financially as well learning materials should be provided.
    As long as the foundation has been set by the family the onas is now on the child to develop his own peronal desire for success.
    And as for the teacher it is her responsibility to make learning a fun acheiveable process .it is her responsibility to create a child friendly enviornment

  5. Pramwattie Bajnauth says:

    inorder for our students to be successfull it depends on the parents,the teacher and more so on the student themselves.Our home is foundation for learning,there is we our students are exposed to the morals and norms of society.the parents would guide these students and help them improve themselves on what areas they are falling back on.
    the teacher is a guide who must be aware of the student’s cognition and physical maturity inorder for her make a positive impact on the student’s learning.the teacher would use exciting and authentic methods to grt these students to be successful in their life.
    the students themselves have to be dedicated to their work and strive to be successful.they have to show a positive attitude to learning.

    • Kholekha says:

      I am really satisfied at the way in which you all have responded to the initial statement. U are using the internet to express your views and to make objective comments on the thoughts of others. I am so proud of u all.

    • Hannah Jagroop says:

      Yes Priya, I do agree with you. Parents do assist as well as the students but the teacher plays a more crucial role. The teacher can recognize a students level of cognition and know how to deal with it. A teacher determines his/her students weaknesses and strengths, and can help them develop academically. Most of the parents in today’s society is uneducated, so how will they recognize this? Yes, they also play a role but not in this case, Each agent contributes their part to help acquire a student’s success.

  6. Indeed the home is our foundation for learnind and i agree with you Preya because parents are the first set of educators since all that is said, done and shown in the home are repeated by our children at a young age therefore children look up to thir parents who are their role models so the parents play a vital role in instilling in their children the knowledge of what is considered as right from wrong or what is acceptable and unacceptable in society, it is what society expects of them. Teachers are surrogate mothers who mould the nation’s chldren in gearing them towards success and a bright future and ofcourse this can only be possible if students are willing to learn so yes i agree that all three parties each has a role to play in gearing students towards their success.

  7. Kholekha says:

    Well said, Cherrie

  8. Colice says:

    In my opinion, all three aents are resosible for a student’s success.
    The teacher is tasked with being the facilitator of a student’s learning which will determine if a student is succesfull or not. Tha teacher is also responsible for creating the right envirnment that will aid in the success of a students. How will a teacher guide the student in the right way if he is not knowledgable about the subject? Therefore because of the teacher’s mastery of the subject, he is ale to contribute significantly to a student’s success.

    The student is also responsible for his success as well. He has to have the will power to gravitate and master the tasks assigned to him. The teacher can do all that is in his power to provide a perfect classroom environment and the likes to make learning take place but if the child doesn’t want to, then he wouldn’t. As the old saying goes. “U can take the horse to the water but u can’t make it drink the water.”

    With relation to the parent, he is also responsible for his child’s success. In a typical school, a child is given home work and assignments. These are done at home in most cases. Therefore, the parent’s tasks are to provide the conducive atmosphere, to assist and give guidance where necessary and to ensure that these tasks are completed.

    Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent, the student and the teacher that determines the success of a student. Each has a vital role to play.

    • Kholekha says:

      U have done an excellent job Colice. Very profound thinking.

    • Hannah Jagroop says:

      Absolutely Colice. The parents are there to provide whatever guidance they can and supporting their students financially. If they don’t provide the students with the materials needed, then that child will encounter difficulties in his/her learning.As for the students, as you rightly said, they have to develop an interest in completing tasks assigned to them. This will help the classroom teacher to recognize the level of the child and if he/she requires special attention or extra curriculum activities.Hence, we can see the importance of a teacher to the student’s success.

  9. June Charles says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everyone on their Accountability comment. A child’s educational success depends on three groups–student, parent(s), and teacher(s). All of the above need to be held accountable for the child’s success or lack thereof. Holding the feet of only one of these three to the fire is unconscionable and irresponsible.
    However, Teachers are often perceived as determining the future success of their students — for better or for worse. But do they play a greater role than parents do? Parents shape their children’s attitudes toward learning, create the atmosphere for them to do homework, and provide extra support. Parents who support their children’s educational goals can help motivate a student who is not connecting to his or her teacher, but to what extent? Some parents even hamper teachers’ efforts by permitting excessive student absences and not being involved in their education. Ultimately, who is the greater influence on a child’s educational success: the teacher, or the parent?

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