What do you think?


2 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. kholekha says:

    What are your views about plagiarism? How should it be dealt with. Share your views in the poll.

    • Hannah Jagroop says:

      Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s words, thoughts and ideas and pass them off as your own without mentioning the original author’s name. This is mostly done when students are carrying out research on the internet.

      Plagiarism does not allow one to think and express his/herself. Hence we can say that a person’s critical and analytical thinking damages. Most teachers are against plagiarism and a student can fail his/her assignments or gain low grade as a result of this. This will also tamper with the students creativity. They will eventually become dependent on others ideas and thoughts rather than their own.

      What individuals can do to avoid plagiarism is to write a bibliography. This is so because writing a bibliography requires the author( if you used a book to carry out research), date when the book or information was published and the title of the book or information gathered. You can read through the information and summarize it (in your own words) so it becomes your own information and you can also quote the source of references ( who said what and when they said it). This shows evidence in research and shows that you are not stealing others ideas but using it to support your view and you can gain marks once this is evident to the teacher/ lecturer.

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