Teaching is just providing students with information. You do not need to know about theories about learning to do that.


17 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. June says:

    I whole heartedly agree with the statement, since in past times teachers knew nothing about theories but still delivered efficient and effective lessons and strategies to their pupils.

    • kholekha says:

      Experience helped them to instinctively do SOME things that were right.But if u compare some of the strategies suggested by the theories to some of the experiences u had,u would agree that to a large extent attention was given only to cognitive issues.

      Should we only concentrate on cognitive issues when we are teaching?

      • Hannah Jagroop says:

        No we should not ONLY concentrate on cognitive issues when we are teaching BUT ALSO other learning theories since different students have different ways of learning and as teachers we just can’t ignore that but we need to implement other strategies to facilitate those learners and make them feel comfortable. If they don’t feel comfortable, they woldn’t develop any interest in learning.

      • Cheryl says:

        Definitely not. Cognitive issues are impotant and should not be ignored.However as educators we should be strive to be inclusive and diversified in our approach. The Theories help us to realise how important our methods of delivery and inclusivity are and they ceratainly should not be ignored

    • Hannah Jagroop says:

      Teaching is not just providing the students with information but allowing them to discover, to draw their conclusions and make their generalizations. In doing so the information stays longer with them. I agree that in the past teachers knew nothing about learning theories but that is because they were not made availble to them. If you would compare today’s students to students in the modern time,you will clearly see the enormous development in learning and academic performances.

  2. Cheryl Frank says:

    I disagree.Teaching effectively requires the knowledge of theories. Indeed this knowledge enhances bith the teaching and learning experience.

  3. gabriela says:

    i absolutely agree the theories are out dated and the students we have to deal with now makes their findings null and void

    • kholekha says:

      A very interesting view, Gabriela. Now go on to show me which theory is not applicable to teaching present-day students

    • Hannah Jagroop says:

      Oh really Gabriela? Tell me how exactly the theories are outdated? These are the same theories we ‘trainee teachers’ are studying to deal with the children in the school sysytem presently. These theories provides us with the neccessary infomation we need to deal with the students behaviours as well as academic performance.

    • Cheryl says:

      Surely there are exceptions to every rule and there will be difficult students. No one should discount the importance of personal hands on experience, however we should remember that these theories have not been pulled out of the thin air, but are also related to the experiences that someone has had.Lots has changed in our world since many of these theoris have been presented,but human nautre is fundamentally the same.

  4. Hannah says:

    First of all, I do not agree with that statement because studying theories provide the teacher with methods and strategies to facilitate the students in the classroom. Without studying these theories, the teacher cannot handle basic challenges in a classroom.

  5. colice says:

    of course you do because teaching may not be meaningful.knowing the theories will help you a great lot.Theories assist you in the planning of your lessons in terms of the obj. etc.

  6. cherielee says:

    ofcourse a teacher has to know theories when teaching because providing information alone is not effective therefore his results are likely to be poor.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree. It makes perfect sense for teachers to use all of the resources avaialable to them. Knowledge of the theories presented on education are impotant tools in a teacher’s toolbox and will ceratinly have a positive impact on the results/ reactions and attitudes that teacher recieves from their students.

  7. pramwattie bajnauth says:

    providing information alone is not effective.one must pay heed to the views of theorists inorder to know which strategis or methods to use to get positive results from learners.

  8. bharathi santani says:

    I do not agree with that view.Teachers must know theories in order to plan suitable activities for students and to facilitate meaningful learning.

  9. monix amsterdam says:

    In order to teach effectively one would agree that just providing information is not sufficient enough, more is required. Here is where theories help us to accomplish our gold by helping us to approach teaching in a way that would eventually produce a productive end result.Cheryl rightfully pointed out that”theories help us to realize how important our methods of delivery and inclusivity are and they certainly should not be ignored.” Theories were here a long time and they certainly have been effective no matter how the generation of children have changed, as cheryl pointed out that human nature still remains the same.

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